About Us

DeSilva Gates Construction is an award-winning general engineering contractor founded in 1932 by Oliver de Silva that specializes in safety, civil engineering construction, grading, paving, and construction management. We have a proud tradition of Service that has been handed down from generation to generation. While Service means different things to different people, to us, it means sharing knowledge, having respect, and working toward a superior result in every situation.  

Our employees can expect to have one-on-one training and mentors who guide them in the technical aspects of their job as well as the traditions of the company. Business partners can rely on us to collaborate with them to find the best possible solutions. 

Our clients trust us to help them deliver complex construction and engineering projects that will ultimately provide the public with safe roads, clean water, comfortable housing, modern workplaces, and improved transportation. We do it all with integrity, innovation, collaboration, and a keen sense of urgency – while never compromising safety or the quality of our work. When you work with DeSilva Gates, you’ll see that our actions are a window into our past and our company’s philosophy of providing superior Service reigns above all.