Construction Technology

“DeSilva Gates Construction’s utilization of 3D technology is second to none!”

Tom King, Sales Heavy Civil/Construction,  Sitech Norcal

In-House Model Building Capability



All digital construction models are built in-house by our team of professionals in the Construction Technology Department. Using a variety of different civil design software programs, we are able to transform the construction plans into three dimensional digital models, to be used on our automated machines for precise grade control. In addition, these models allow us to provide in-depth quantity analysis and documentation, while identifying any design flaws that may present future potential issues and/or down time on a project. With this collection of data and information, our technology team members work closely with management teams in order to assist in the planning and execution of projects. Our technology staff is on hand 24/7 to provide support and training to all end users of our GPS and UTS grade control systems.


Automated Grading Equipment

Equipped with multiple GPS receivers and an in-cab display screen, our automated grading machines use GPS technology to compare the blade position to a 3D digital construction model. With the flip of a switch, the hydraulic system will raise or lower the blade to achieve the desired design grade. This technology moves the design plan into the cab of the machine for greater operator control, increased accuracy, higher productivity, and lower operating costs. The benefits of this solution can be seen on a wide variety of projects, ranging from fine-grading sites to multi-million cubic yard mass grading projects.


UTS Paving and Grinding Equipment

In addition to our GPS technology, DeSilva Gates Construction also has 5 paving machines and 4 milling machines set up to operate with the PCS900 UTS grade control system. Using our SPS930 Total Stations, this system uses the on-board software to compare the actual screed position to a 3D digital construction model, automatically guiding the screed to lay the correct material thickness and slope. This technology allows us to pave more complex designs with variable cross slopes and super-elevated curves, with accuracy to .01’ or less! This automated system increases road smoothness, minimizes waste of expensive asphalt materials, and eliminates the costly step of setting stringline. Our milling machines also utilize this technology for projects requiring variable-depth grinds. Automatic controls guide the drum to a specified depth without string line or manual adjustments, leaving a smoother, more uniform surface for paving.