Preconstruction Services

The DeSilva Gates Preconstruction System is a collaborative, robust and resource-rich program that facilitates effective communication between project stakeholders and enables our clients to build their visions in a cost-effective and timely manner. This process ensures an effective and efficient use of energy and effort that culminates in meeting project goals and client expectations. Our goal is to provide our construction clients with realistic budgets, attainable schedules and an accurate assessment of project risks.

DeSilva Gates Construction's Approach to Pre-Construction Services

The traditional approach to pre-construction typically limits client services to an estimate, a schedule and logistics plan. Our approach extends these into a system of tools that defines a more holistic and repeatable process that produces better results and generates greater value. DeSilva Gates is dedicated to providing our clients with the information and expertise they need to make the best business decisions, and as a result, we put a critical emphasis on pre-construction in our work. We ardently believe that our end products are enhanced by that early collaboration between us and our clients.

In addition to developing estimating, scheduling and logistics plans, our system involves:

Prepare Initial Budgets


• Quantify scope of work from preliminary plans

• Price work using historical cost data

• Prepare a preliminary project schedule

• Identify permitting requirements

• Identify long lead items

Refine Estimate and Schedules


• Refine project estimates as plans progress

• Refine project schedules based on new plans and cost estimates

• Quantify project risks and develop contingencies

• Assist client in procuring required project permitting taking

advantage of our extensive development experience

• Assist client in identifying the most cost effective forms of risk

management i.e. insurance, bonding


Coordinate Design and Construction


• Develop Site Safety Plans

• Coordinate preliminary site investigations

• Perform design and constructability reviews

• Perform QA/QC reviews

• Develop logistics and phasing plans

• Prepare a detailed project CPM schedule

• Perform value engineering analysis

• Prepare 3D models

• Perform soil sampling, testing and analysis


Vendor & Subcontractor Procurement


• Prepare subcontract and material bidding packages

• Obtain multiple bids from qualified vendors and subcontractors

• Analyze bids for best value and least risk

• Ensure compliance with DBE and local hiring programs when


• Prepare and execute subcontract and purchase order documents

and identify and obtain proper bonding and insurance coverage

• Identify soil disposal sites and sources of import fill material