Grading and Paving

One of our most important goals at DeSilva Gates Construction is to complete our clients’ projects on time and on budget, and our ability to self-perform work is instrumental in achieving that goal.

Equipment Fleet

Over 350 Pieces of Heavy Construction Equipment

DeSilva Gates has a vast supply of corporate resources, including an equipment fleet valued at $200 million and a staff of more than 300 professional personnel. Through these resources, DeSilva Gates is capable of self-performing large portions of work, including demolition, excavation, trucking, earthwork and hazardous materials removal.

Field Work Force

Over 600 Union Craft Workers

DeSilva Gates boasts over 600 craft employees, comprised of union operating engineers and laborers serving our clients in the many locations we operate. Our self-perform groups have leadership teams with over two decades of experience in these essential trades, equipped with the knowledge and expertise to handle earthmoving operations, aggregate placement, asphalt paving, BMP installation and more.

Dump Trucks

Over 150 Dump Trucks of Various Types

Additionally, we are able to put over 150 dump trucks on the road daily through our sister company Double D Transportation which are used to haul construction materials to and from our projects. Double D also provides a fleet of transports which moves are equipment to the various projects where they are needed. This allows us to quickly mobilize equipment to our clients sites in order to maintain tight construction deadlines.


Over 300 Construction Professional Personnel

When opportunity permits, DeSilva Gates prefers to utilize its own employees and equipment. Self-performed work has a direct and positive impact on the project schedule, quality and cost when considering the complexity of work, quality and availability of the subcontractor market, and the workload of our individual forces. Self-performing this construction allows our project teams the chance to work hand in hand with design teams and assure our clients a higher level of flexibility in scheduling and project delivery. We apply the company’s exacting, high safety standards to each of our projects, and DeSilva Gates’ experienced crews coordinating and collaborating together helps our clients achieve their visions, while providing them peace of mind in the process.