Materials – Aggregates

Sunol Plant - 6527 Calaveras Road, Sunol, CA 94586

This state of the art plant can supply a large range of aggregate products including sand and gravel, crushed rock, road base, landscape and building materials and various custom and specialty blends. The high-quality aggregates that we mine and process can be used used as base materials under foundations, roads, railroads and drainage facilities as well structural backfill and erosion control material. About 90% percent of our sales by volume include aggregates for asphalt concrete and Portland cement concrete.


The following list of materials will be available for sale at this location.

All products are washed with the clay and silt being removed.


1/4″ x Dust

1/4″ x #10 Crushed

3/8″ Crushed

1/2″ x ¼” Crushed

3/4″ x ½” Crushed – (Drain Rock)

3/8″ Pea Gravel

1″ x #4 Natural

1-1/2” x 3/4” Gravel

¾” Con Mix

Manufactured Sand

Concrete Sand

PG&E Sand

Class II Permeable

Virgin Aggregate Base

Bioswale Material

For Sales and Customer Service, please call 1-925-829-1446. To establish credit with us, visit our Credit Applications page to download an application. Completed credit application can be faxed to 925-829-8174 or emailed to XXX@XXX.COM.