Materials – Green Products

Our plants are able to produce green products such as high RAP and WMA mixes as demanded by our customer’s needs and project specifications.

DeSilva Gates Aggregates is committed to protecting and maintaining environmental standards.

Many of our asphalt concrete products are manufactured from a high percentage of recycled materials. We accept asphalt grindings at all of our locations, with or without fabric.   Our modern hot plants incorporate the latest clean air equipment including complex blue smoke capture and filtering systems, low NOx burners , mist eliminators on the asphalt oil tanks and utilization of water sprays throughout the facilities for dust control.   We also pave most of the heavy traveled areas in our asphalt plant facilities to minimize fugitive dust.

At our quarry in Sunol we installed over 14,000 LF of Tiger Salamander/snake exclusion fence to protect these endangered species from our quarry operations.   This fence is monitored daily and any animals that are trapped inside of our facility are safely released to the surrounding wildlife habitat. The system also includes a cover board system that allows us to monitor salamander movements and share this information with the regulatory agencies. We continue to develop new environmentally friendly products with recycled materials and incorporate new endangered species protection systems which allow us to work continuously in harmony with the surrounding environment.

“Our asphalt customers are able to apply LEED credits based on the utilization of local materials, the use of recycled materials (RAP), utilizing our mix designs specifically designed for sustainable uses such as porous asphalt, and other sustainable methods like the use of warm mix (WMA).  We are always up for the challenge to increase the use of these sustainable materials and welcome any questions in order to help customers fully utilize our green products on their projects. “

Ben Inkster

      Sales Manager