Our Environmental Vision

From our construction projects to our quarry and asphalt production operations to our fleet of construction equipment and trucks, DeSilva Gates Construction is committed to minimizing the impacts of our operations on the environment. Our environmental stewardship vision requires this to be an integral part of our core values and corporate culture. We hold ourselves accountable for strict regulatory compliance along with continuous improvements to our environmental stewardship performance.

“Our commitment to minimizing the impact to the environment by our operations is proven by our investment of, on average, $10 million per year over the last five years upgrading our off-highway construction equipment fleet.    This includes retiring over 100 pieces of Tier 0-2 equipment and purchasing over 200 pieces of Tier 4 equipment.   This significant investment has provided us with one of the cleanest fleets of large construction equipment in Northern California.”

Dave Vandegriff, Equipment Manager

DeSilva Gates has continually proven its ability to put sustainability at the forefront of our construction projects. A number of sustainable strategies are part of our everyday work practices. These include:

  • Reduction of waste by utilizing on-site recycling and waste management programs
  • Reduction of trucks on the highway by working with design teams to obtain earthwork balancing on our construction sites
  • Minimizing the purchase and hauling of aggregates by recycling existing materials and incorporating them in our pavement sections and asphalt concrete products wherever possible
  • Adopting highway vehicle minimum MPG requirements and equipment idling restrictions
  • Upgrading our equipment fleet to meet or exceed emission standards, including the use of biodiesel fuels where applicable
  • Adopting spill reduction procedures to eliminate and/or minimize environmental impacts
  • Implementing of the latest erosion and sediment control best management practices on all projects
  • Utilizing Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) and Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) technologies at our asphalt plants
  • Erecting Tiger Salamander/snake exclusion fence around our operating quarry facility
  • Using state of the art clean air equipment in our asphalt plants