Achievement of quality, in terms of both product and client service, is the responsibility of the entire project team. We provide the necessary training, support, materials, and tools to achieve award-winning results.

“As the construction manager, as well as the engineer of record, my experience with DGC on one of the most demanding paving projects on record with the FAA, will go down as one of the best projects in my 25 years of paving runways across this country. DGC performed to exceptionally high standards in the areas of quality and cooperation and can be truly proud of the excellent work product delivered to one of our trusted clients, on-time and under budget.”

           Shammi S. Ratti, P.E., Orion Engineers and Associates


Our Philosophy on Quality


The philosophy of holding ourselves accountable for the quality of our work product was brought to this organization by Edwin O. DeSilva when he joined the company in 1964, after serving in the Marine Corp. He believed that quality first must be attained in all of our internal operations, then carried to the service we provide to our clients and ultimately to the infrastructure projects which we construct. To ensure that we produce quality construction projects, quality must be achieved at every step of the construction project from understanding the client’s needs and requirements to building the work right the first time. To this day, we continue to have an inexhaustible commitment to constantly improving the quality of everything that we do.


The high points of our quality program include:

Understand the Project Requirements


Our project teams, comprised of experienced and skilled construction professionals, are trained to thoroughly read and understand all contract documents on every project we build. Prior to performing any work, our teams construct highly detailed work plans that clearly define the means and methods of construction. These plans are then reviewed internally with the full expertise of the management team to ensure that they are optimal for producing a high quality project that meets the clients’ requirements in a cost-effective manner. Finally these plans are shared with the client to obtain their concurrence and buy-in.


Exceed the Clients’ Expectations


Providing the best client service in our marketplace is the most important thing we do, and it is what differentiates us from our competition. We closely listen to and act upon clients’ concerns. We treat clients with respect and transparency in all of our dealings. We keep clients immediately and fully informed of project status. Furthermore, as a direct result of our stable workforce, our repeat clients can count on working with familiar project teams who are competent at constructing infrastructure projects. Our goal is to develop and maintain long-term trusting relationships with our clients at all levels.


Focus on Continuous Quality Improvement

By consistently focusing on quality, we commit to excellence in all that we do. We encourage new and innovative ideas to enhance our performance. We thoroughly train our people, give them the right tools to perform the work and encourage them to continuously work on improving the quality of the work they perform. An example of our commitment to continuous improvement is our recent implementation of the latest UTS grade control technology on our paving machines.

Build the Work “Right the First Time"

Not only does this result in the highest quality end product, but it also produces the most cost-effective process. To ensure it is built “right the first time,” our work is continually checked by the supervisors and craftsmen who build it. We identify and immediately report quality issues whenever they occur. When a quality issue is identified, we take corrective action in a timely manner to ensure full compliance.