What began with a hard-working immigrant, a dump truck and a dream has grown — since 1932 — through three subsequent generations into one of the largest construction companies and material producers in Northern California.

Throughout DeSilva Gates’ history, we have:

  • Built roads, highways, airports, port facilities, levees and mass transit systems that connect our communities.
  • Developed residential, commercial and industrial sites that house and employ our neighbors.
  • Produced and trucked millions of tons of aggregates and asphalt concrete that have gone into building our local infrastructure.
  • Restored wetlands, remediated hazardous waste sites and cleaned up after regional disasters.


We build. We produce and haul aggregates and asphalt. We shape the landscape. We protect the environment.  We do it all with integrity, innovation, collaboration and a keen sense of urgency, while never compromising safety or the quality of our work.

Company History


DeSilva Gates Construction traces its roots back to a small Alameda, CA based grading and paving company that was founded by Oliver de Silva in the 1930’s.


In 1953 the company is incorporated and Oliver de Silva, Inc. is formed


In 1964 Edwin DeSilva assumes full operational responsibility of Oliver de Silva. He is presently Chairman of Oliver de Silva, Inc. and DeSilva Gates Construction


Double D Transportation is organized to provide construction trucking services to the San Francisco Bay area.


Richard B. Gates joins the company.

Early 1980’s

The company made the transition from a small local grading contractor to a major general engineering contractor in the early 1980’s when it was awarded the construction contracts for both approaches to the Dumbarton Bridge over San Francisco Bay. The company’s growth and success was further bolstered when it installed the infrastructure improvements for the Hacienda Business Park in Pleasanton and the Ardenwood Mixed-Use Development in Fremont, CA.


Oliver de Silva, Inc. negotiates a permit to mine up to one billion tons of aggregate at Apperson Ridge near Sunol over an 80 year period.


Oliver de Silva, Inc. emerged as one of the premier general engineering contractors in the San Francisco Bay Area when it was awarded the contract to complete the Route 580/238 Interchange Project in Castro Valley, CA, after the original contractor had defaulted on its contract with the State Department of Transportation. This contract was awarded to Oliver de Silva, Inc. primarily due to the fact that it agreed to complete the contract a year and a half sooner than its closest competitor. At the time of its award, this $43 million contract was the largest ever issued by Caltrans. Oliver de Silva, Inc. received many awards and acclamations for its outstanding effort in completing this major transportation link in record time.


In April 1995, DeSilva Gates Construction is formed in order to strengthen Oliver de Silva Inc.’s general engineering construction operations. Later that same year the company relocated its corporate headquarters from Hayward to Dublin, CA, where it still resides. DeSilva Gates still maintains its equipment maintenance facility at the Clawiter Road location in Hayward.


Pacific States Environmental Contractors, Inc. is formed in 1996 to serve the western United States with comprehensive environmental services.


In January 1998, Oliver de Silva, Inc. purchased Gallagher & Burk, a Bay Area grading and paving contractor and asphalt producer that had been performing work in the Oakland and East Bay since the 1920’s. This not only gave the company a local presence in the City of Oakland but it also significantly increased its asphalt production capabilities in the Bay Area. Gallagher & Burk is currently producing 350,000 Tons of asphalt products annually out of this facility.


In April 2001, Gallagher & Burk is awarded a contract by the Port of Oakland for the Overlay of Taxiway 11-29 at the Oakland International Airport. The contract required Gallagher & Burk to convert the existing parallel taxiway to a temporary runway while the main runway was cold planned and overlaid. The main runway work had to be completed within 10 calendar days. Gallagher & Burk placed 106,000 tons of asphalt concrete working 24 hours a day in 5 consecutive days and completed all necessary work to reopen the main runway in just 5 days.


DeSilva Gates Aggregates begins producing asphalt at its newly opened Dantoni facility in Marysville, CA.


In March 2007, DeSilva Gates Construction is awarded the $120 million Contract by Caltrans to construct lanes on a 4-mile stretch of Route 101 in Burlingame.


DeSilva Gates Construction celebrates its 75th year in business.

Link to 75th Anniversary Video


In June 2008, DeSilva Gates Construction is awarded the $137 million Contract by Caltrans to construct a 12 mile freeway bypass of Route 65 in Lincoln. This project received the International Partnering Institute (IPI) John L. Martin Project of the Year – Ruby Award in 2015, Caltrans Excellence in Partnering – Best in Class in 2014, Caltrans Excellence in Partnering – Gold Award in 2014, Freeway/Expressway Project of the Year in 2013, Liberty Mutual Safety Execellance Award in 2012 and Caltrans Partnering Success in Motion – Gold Award in 2011.


DeSilva Gates Construction agrees to a 30 year lease with SFPUC to mine up to 65 million tons of aggregates and operate aggregate processing and asphalt plants at the site of the former Sunol Quarry and begins selling aggregate products produced at this site.


In July 2012, DeSilva Gates Construction is awarded the $108 million Contract by Caltrans to construct a 6 mile freeway bypass of Route 101 in Willits. This project received the IPI John L. Martin Partnered Project of the Year – Sapphire Award in 2017, Caltrans Excellence in Partnering – Gold Award in 2017, Caltrans Success in Motion – Gold Awards in 2016, 2015 and 2014, AGC Excellence in Partnering in 2017.


In December 2013, DeSilva Gates Construction is awarded the $89 million Contract by the City and County of San Francisco to improve the runway safety areas (RSA) of 2 of the main runways. The joint venture performed over $80 million of construction in a 3 month span while the 2 runways were closed. This project received the IPI John L. Martin Project of the Year – Diamond Award and Best Airport/Transit Project – ENR both in 2015.

Link to California ENR Article

Link to RSA Video

Link to RSA Time Lapse Video


DeSilva Gates Aggregates completes installation of a modern 500 ton per hour asphalt plant at its Sunol Quarry location and begins selling asphalt. This facility is currently producing over 350,000 tons of various asphalt materials annually.

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In August of 2015, DeSilva Gates Construction is awarded the $100 million CMGC Contract by CP Development Co to redevelop the former Candlestick Park Stadium site in San Francisco.

Link to Don’t Stop Believing Video


In September of 2016, DeSilva Gates Construction is awarded the $52 million Contract by the Treasure Island Community Development to reconstruct the causeway access to Treasure Island in San Francisco.


In April of 2017, DeSilva Gates Construction is awarded the $47 million Contract by the Port of Oakland for the Runway 12-30 rehabilitation at the Oakland International Airport. DeSilva Gates Construction completed $35 million of work within 14 calendar days including the placement of 95,000 tons of asphalt concrete.

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