An Annual Company Picnic

All union and non-union employees and their families are invited to the annual company picnic. This picnic has been held at the Alameda County Fairgrounds for the past several years and provides various forms of children’s activities, live entertainment and plenty of good food.

Holiday Parties for Office Staff and their Spouses

From a company-wide formal party held in San Francisco to smaller less formal gatherings conducted by each department, we bring employees and families together. These events have been held at venues such as the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the De Young Museum in San Francisco.

Regular Get Togethers with Staff and their Spouses

Dinners with staff and their spouses to celebrate successful project completions and other important company events.   These dinners are intended to thank the team for their efforts in contributing to the ongoing success of the company and to build comradery among team members.

Group Outings at Sporting Events

Group outings at local sporting events.    Project teams or office departments often attend professional sporting events sponsored by the company to improve team cohesiveness and provide a break from the everyday hard work.