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Manzanita Field Garage – Stanford University

Manzanita Field Garage

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DGC RoleExcavation 

Client: Level 10 Construction 

Location of Project: Stanford University 

Project Dates: March 2018 – October 2020

By the Numbers 

    • Contract Value: $7,600,000.00 
    • 42 FT Deep Basement Dig  
    • 150,000 CY Dirt Excavated 


The Manzanita Field Garage on the campus of Stanford University is a three-story, underground parking garage with the capacity to hold more than 850 vehicles. When complete, the roof of this garage will return to its original use, a playing field for soccer, volleyball and basketball. Led by general contractor Level 10 Construction, DeSilva Gates Construction used its vast resources to excavate and prepare the basement for the construction of the structure.  

DeSilva Gates Construction excavated and off hauled approximately 150,000 cubic yards of dirt to a depth up to 42 feet below original grade, utilizing the largest excavator in our fleet, a John Deere 870G with bucket capacity of 10 cubic yards. This excavator allowed us to efficiently load a double bottom dump truck in 2 scoops in under 45 seconds.  

Due to the square footprint of this basement and the ability to access the basement from two sides, DeSilva Gates found that the most productive way to load out trucks was to enter the first ramp, start a circle to meet the excavator to load, complete the circle, and exit the second ramp. Staging the project in this way allowed for a constant flow in and out of the site without causing any major disruptions to vehicle or pedestrian traffic on the Stanford campus. This staging also allowed the shoring subcontractor a bench to install their tiebacks in unison with DeSilva Gates excavation, which in turn allowed us to continue excavation around the basement walls sooner and without an extended delay. 

Using a combination of Super 10s, Semi-Bottom, and Double Bottom Dump Trucks, the job site saw up to 60 trucks coming and going up to five times a day during high production shifts. With approximately 12,500 loads of dirt to off haul, the continuous requirement for trucks and locations to dump the material was crucial. By coordinating with our affiliate company, Pacific States Environmental, we had an adequate number of dumpsite facilities to accept all the material. The joint effort between DeSilva Gates, Pacific States and Double D Transportation enabled the efficient, safe and successful completion of the excavation.