Construction Trucking Services

Since hauling of construction materials is an important component of infrastructure construction, having direct access to fleet of trucks this large gives DeSilva Gates a key competitive advantage over our competition. We have the ability to meet our client’s tight schedules on projects with large quantities of import or export of soil and aggregates required. It also allows us to ensure that the vast majority of trucks servicing our construction projects are modern, safe, well-maintained, CARB-compliant and operated by qualified drivers with a good understanding of our work.

Double D Transportation was a Key Factor in the Successful Completion of the Reconstruction of the Main Runway at Oakland International Airport

“Double D was able to provide DeSilva Gates Construction over 60 trucks of various types, on a 24/7 basis for a two week period hauling grindings, aggregates and asphalt to and from this project, while still servicing our other trucking commitments. Without access to this valuable resource DeSilva Gates would not have been able to successfully complete this very challenging project on-time and without incident.”

Chris Lambert, Manager – Double D Transportation

Types of clients that Double D works for:



• Contractors of all types

• Subcontractors

• Other Trucking Brokers

• Landfills


Types of construction trucking services that Double D can provide:

• Dirt hauling

• Aggregate Hauling

• Asphalt Concrete Hauling

• Broken Concrete, asphalt and debris hauling

• K-Rail Hauling

• Heavy Equipment Moving

• Flatbed Hauling of Various Construction Materials


Types of trucks that Double D operates:

• Double Bottom Dumps

• Semi Bottom Dumps

• Ten Wheelers

• Super Dumps

• Super 10’s

• Super Tags

• Semi End Dumps

• Semi High Sides

• Flat Beds

• Low Beds

• Transfers

• Side Dumps