Infrastructure Services

You have a vision. DeSilva Gates is your partner for making it a reality.

We approach every project from our client’s perspective. While decades of experience has given us insight and knowledge about the needs and priorities of different types of clients, we under-stand that every project is unique so we take the time to listen and to thoroughly understand the job from the start.

Our philosophy is simple: Be an involved part of every project team from the beginning. That means listening to job details, anticipating needs, and using our expertise and resources to help get to the finish line quickly, efficiently and safely. Every DeSilva Gates employee, from our man-agement team to our equipment operators, are committed to going above and beyond to get the job done on time and on budget. Reacting fast and helping to solve problems, even those out of our normal scope of work, is what we do and what our clients have come to expect.

We are often seen as an extension of our clients’ companies - a behind-the-scenes partner - and realize that it is important to represent them well. The pride we show in our work is a reflection on us as well as our client partners.


DeSilva Gates Construction is an industry leader in the transportation market, with a top-ranking portfolio of highway, airport, rail, intermodal and transit experience. Our expertise, extensive in-house capabilities and broad range of quality contracting partners have enabled us to complete some of the most complex and important transportation projects in Northern California.

Site Development

DeSilva Gates Construction has successfully developed sites for our residential, commercial and industrial clients since our inception in 1932. Because we have consistently been able to deliver projects quicker than our competition and still maintain competitive pricing we have a long list of repeat clients. We can provide our private clients a range of services from site grading and paving to complete installation of site infrastructure improvements.


Through our affiliated company, Pacific States Environmental Contractors, Inc. (PSEC), DeSilva Gates has the ability to provide a wide array of environmental-related services. PSEC is an A-Haz, C-21 (Demolition) and ASB licensed contractor providing a full spectrum of environmental services from water treatment to soil remediation, disaster response and wetlands restoration.

Soil Management

In conjunction with our associated company, Pacific States Environmental, we offer a complete line of soils management services. Whether your development site is long or short on dirt, we can assist you in converting it to a buildable site. We are the largest soils management company in the San Francisco Bay Area managing over ten fill-sites with varying acceptance criteria. We are currently working with over 100 construction or development sites that either need soil or have excess soil. Annually we assist with the review and acceptance of over 500 projects throughout the Bay Area.

Construction Trucking

Established in 1967, our associated company, Double D Transportation, provides construction trucking services to DeSilva Gates and other contractors throughout the Greater Bay Area. These services include transporting soil, aggregates, asphalt, k-rail, broken concrete and asphalt , debris, heavy equipment and other various construction materials. With a fleet of over 150 company trucks and access to over 200 additional trucks through its relationships with other trucking companies, Double D is one of the largest and longest continually operating construction trucking firms in the Greater Bay