Environmental Work

Through our affiliated company, Pacific States Environmental Contractors, Inc., DeSilva Gates has the ability to provide a wide array of environmentally-related services.  Pacific States (PSEC) is one of the largest environmental contractors in the western United States and is an A-Haz, C-21 (Demolition) and ASB Licensed and Contractor providing a full spectrum of environmental services from water treatment to soil remediation, disaster response and wetlands restoration.  We utilize their relationships with remediation designers and governmental regulators in conjunction with our organization’s resources, financial strength, and problem-solving abilities to find creative, cost-effective solutions and complete technically demanding projects.

Landfill Reconstruction

DeSilva Gates and our associated companies have experience repairing, relocating and consolidating existing landfills that may be required in order to construct infrastructure improvements in the vicinity.




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Hazardous and Contaminated Site Remediation and Mitigation

Through our associated company, Pacific States Environmental, we have access to technical remediation staff well versed in proven remediation technology and best practices. We apply standard methodologies and innovative approaches to the unique remedial aspects of a client’s site. Site remediation services include: soil and groundwater treatment, bioremediation, transportation and disposal of contaminated soil and sludge, soil aeration, soil vapor extraction, soil and sludge treatment / stabilization / solidification, soil and water in-situ treatment systems, wetland mitigation, sediment treatment, landfill closures, capping and containment, and treatment of contaminated groundwater generated during shoring operations and water management. We average more than 50 Projects per year ranging from previous manufacturing sites and agricultural pesticide contamination to basement excavations in downtown San Francisco.





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Water Processing and Groundwater Treatment

Through our affiliated company, Pacific States Environmental, we have the ability to treat and/or dispose of groundwater contaminated with organic compounds, metals, and metalloids or containing high levels of salinity or alkalinity.






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Wetland Restoration

DeSilva Gates and our associated companies have extensive experience in the restoration of thousands of acres of tidal and upland wetlands.  This work had a number of challenging obstacles to overcome including working on swampy and soft marshlands, performing the work in a manner that did not harm protected species and working in offshore locations.


Environmental Infrastructure

Levees, dams, landfills, canals and water conveyance systems, bulwarks and slurry walls are just a few of the environmental infrastructure projects that we are capable of constructing. From the mass grading required in restoring a watershed, down to the maintenance of small drainage ditches, DeSilva Gates and our affiliated companies have the ability to build any project, of almost any size.





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Post Disaster Recovery & Recycling

DeSilva Gates and our associated companies provide both private and public entities post-disaster emergency response services that allow the safest, most effective and comprehensive support after a natural disaster or catastrophic event.  From emergency earthworks repairs of dams, levees and bulwarks, to large scale cleanups after an event like a fire or flood, we have the ability to mobilize quickly and with the complete array of support necessary.  We can help limit the costs of mitigation by hazardous waste segregation and debris characterization, and the rapid restoration of protective earthworks systems and other infrastructure.  Additionally, we have extensive marine and shore side capabilities allowing us to aggressively respond to sunken and abandoned vessels, and provide a broad range of specialty demolition services.